Tina Turner – The Karmic Goddess of Love – An Astrological Homage to a Legend

Born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26th, 1939, in Nutbush, Tennessee, to a family of Sharecroppers, Tina Turner emerged as a force of nature in the music world, defying norms and shattering records along the way. Her electrifying presence and groundbreaking fusion of rock, R&B, and soul revolutionized the industry. Despite enduring an abusive and creatively stifling marriage with Ike Turner, Tina’s resilience led her to break free and embark on a solo career in the 1970s. After initially facing challenges, she soared to extraordinary heights with her 1984 album, ‘Private Dancer,’ which dominated charts worldwide, propelling her into the stratosphere of stardom. Today, as we mourn her passing, let us revisit the birth chart of this extraordinary woman, unveiling the celestial elements that shaped her immense talent and inspiring journey. Join me on a captivating exploration of Tina Turner’s astrological portrait, and discover the cosmic influences that made her the magnificent icon we will forever cherish.

Anna’s/Tina’s Birth Chart

Tina Turner’s birth chart reveals a fascinating combination of astrological influences. With Leo Rising, a Sagittarius Sun, and a Gemini Moon, her chart exudes dynamic energy. Moreover, the presence of two Grand Trines, two T-Squares, and various other aspects further accentuate her celestial dynamics.

A significant aspect of Tina’s chart is the prevalence of fire signs, symbolizing her fiery approach to life. She was always a go-getter. Take, for instance, the night she first encountered her future husband, Ike, at the Manhattan Club. In classic Sagittarian fashion, Tina approached him directly, but it was her Leo-like audacity that stole the show. During an intermission, she fearlessly snatched the microphone and belted out BB King’s “You Know I Love You.” Only someone with the directness of a Sagittarius and the boldness of a Leo could accomplish such a feat effortlessly. This courageous act paid off, as Ike finally recognized her talent and asked her to showcase her repertoire. The rest of the night, she sang her heart out, etching her name into the annals of history.

Following their union, Tina and Ike formed the band “Tina and Ike Turner,” eventually leading her to be known as Tina Turner. The origins of her stage name remain a mystery lost to time with her passing. Interestingly, the name Tina is an ancient Latin moniker meaning “Flower of Christ.”

Having a Moon in Gemini can be challenging, but when it’s a Full Moon, it adds a distinct flavor. The opposition between Sagittarius and Gemini showcases Tina’s direct and determined Sagittarian personality juxtaposed with a divided emotional landscape. Notably, Tina’s birth chart reveals that Uranus, the planet of independence and individuality, is also positioned in her 10th house of public image. This signifies her inherent need to forge her own path and create a unique identity. Born just 3 and a half hours after the Full Moon, the intensity of her chart amplifies, symbolizing the arduous journey she undertook to break free from her abusive relationship with Ike. The Sagittarian need for recognition clashed with the Geminian desire for the affirmation she once received from Ike, as well as the ease of communication they shared on stage. However, Tina eventually summoned the strength to make a life-altering decision, propelling her toward tremendous success and paving the way for her iconic career.

Tina’s Gemini Moon resides in the 10th House of public image, indicating her propensity for the spotlight. However, what sets her apart is the square aspect between Uranus and her Ascendant (Eastern horizon), signifying her need to forge her own path and craft her own image. Ultimately, this desire overcame her longing for romantic attachment, leading to her meteoric rise in 1984 with the album “Private Dancer.” It’s worth noting the poignant lyrics of one of her songs: “What’s love got to do with it? What’s love but a second-hand emotion?” Throughout her life, Tina yearned for love, much like the rest of us, yet she chose to sing about it with unparalleled passion. Her music posed profound questions about love and inspired women for decades to come to question their own relationships.

A Challenging Childhood & Financial Life

Anna’s upbringing was marked by significant challenges and financial struggles. Born into a family of sharecroppers, her parents were not able to provide the necessary support, eventually leaving her to fend for herself. This early abandonment and the hardships of her childhood left a lasting impact on her life, as reflected in her birth chart.

After leaving Ike Turner and embarking on her solo career, Anna, now known as Tina, had to navigate a complicated and messy divorce settlement. Ike had substantial control over her finances and intellectual property, which complicated the separation process. While the specific financial details of their settlement remain undisclosed, it is known that Tina owed something to Ike, a departure from the more common narrative at that time.

Moreover, Tina and Ike encountered a common struggle faced by African American performers: the mismanagement of their funds by managers and financiers. This unfortunate reality further contributed to their financial difficulties earlier in their career.

Astrologically, these financial challenges are indicated by the placement of Mercury in Tina’s 4th House, which represents heritage and wider family. Retrograde at her birth and square her Jupiter and Neptune, it signifies a deprivation of family wealth and financial resources. Furthermore, her 8th House, which governs shared finances, resides in Pisces, with Jupiter positioned in that house. This configuration, along with Neptune in her 2nd House opposing Jupiter, points to a tendency to place her money in the hands of untrustworthy individuals, despite her own lack of fault other than a lack of wisdom.

Tina’s journey was marked by overcoming these financial obstacles and reclaiming control over her own financial destiny. Through resilience, talent, and determination, she was able to rebuild her career and achieve financial stability in later years, leaving behind a legacy of strength and triumph over adversity.

Health Difficulties

Anna had many health challenges throughout her long and glorious life, starting with a near-fatal bout of TB in the early 1980s, she had a stroke in 2013, was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016 which she was treated for, had TOTAL kidney failure in 2017 and was saved by a transplant from her second-husband, Erwin Bach. This was a woman seemingly made of steel, despite the odds working against her with Pluto in Leo in retrograde in her 12th House of undoing, Jupiter in retrograde in her 8th House of death, and nothing to support her in her Aquarius 6th House. Indeed, she was always destined to have a very public health emergency with her retrograde Uranus in the 10th House of publicity.

The cards were always stacked against Anna Mae Bullock, but someway, somehow, she made it. Made it far enough to give this wonderful message to the world on her 80th birthday.













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