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Astrology is an ancient science of the stars which tracks the rhythms of life that influence all of us as individuals as well as our societies. For hundreds of years it’s been the best kept secret of royalty and the upper-class, allowing them to build empires and launch successful multinational corporations. Today, these secrets are in your hands. No longer do you have to be at the whim of celestial events beyond your control, because now you can navigate them, avoiding potential disaster and seizing opportunities when they’re ripe.

Millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do

J.P. Morgan – American Financier, multimillionaire (multibillionaire in today’s money)

Hello, I’m Deaglán MacCanna, and I’d like to be your guide over the next few months of your life and empower you with the knowledge of the Moon’s monthly journey and other significant movements of the planets as it all relates to you. It’s all well and good to read your weekly horoscope in the newspaper or your favourite website, but we both know that you are much more than your Sun Sign (what we call “Star Sign”). We’re all made up of so much more than the stereotypes of Leo, Aquarius, or Scorpio. Each of us were born at a very important moment, at a very important place on Earth, which influences us in a unique way, so each hourly and daily movement of the heavens effects us personally. If you’ve ever read your sign’s Horoscope and thought “Yeah, that makes sense”, just imagine the revelations of a personalised predictive report based on your unique blueprint and the advantage you’ll have over the strange rhythms of the universe.

What’s Included

In your personalised prediction report, you’ll get: a PDF detailing each New Moon cycle and the effects you can expect during that period; detailed descriptions of major astrological events, even the ones that only effect you individually; a list of important dates during those Moon cycles and what you can expect at those times.

[Pictured above is an example of what you’ll get, from one of my previous clients]

All of this will be delivered in an easy to navigate PDF file that can be read in the PDF Viewer or Web Browser of your choice.

And as a bonus for new customers, if your birth chart has any striking or unique features in it, I won’t be able to help myself from adding a detailed analysis for you free-of-charge (Tip: Everyone has something interesting in their birth chart!)

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    If you don't know your hour, minute, or second of birth, select 0. Almost nobody knows the second of their birth, so leave at 0 if you genuinely don't know.

    The more accurate your time of birth is, the more valuable and accurate your report will be. If you're unsure at all, consider asking any parents or family members present at your birth or look at your birth cert if your country records that detail (Tip: Believe your family over your birth cert).

    If you were born in an obscure town, be sure to include the region/province/county/oblast/prefecture so I won't have to confirm with you later.

    Is there anything in particular going on for you or anything you need me to look out for? The more detail the better!

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